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Very little is known about the Free Aceh Movement - (GAM; Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) or more properly calls itself the Acheh Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF). Scattered Indonesian media reports give a confusing and inconsistent information.

(The symbol and flag of Free Aceh Movement or Acheh Sumatra National Liberation Front)

Indonesian media reports indicate it now consists of two rival factions. The split between them is being exploited by Jakarta, which claims to have entered into negotiations with one while the other loudly denounces the notion of compromise. I also know about the tension within ASNLF, although they always deny it to all international mass media for the sake of "the unity Acehnese struggle". 

But none of the information's is reliable. Too many peoples speak about Free Aceh Movement, and too many others claims them self as members of Free Aceh Movement. No outsiders knows what really happen within the movements.

If you want to study more about Free Aceh Movement (or ASNLF), you can find several literatures about them that I recommend in other section of Aceh Links (see: Literatures). Several writings from Hasan Tiro (Free Aceh Movement leader) also available from ASNLF headquarter in Sweden.

Outsiders view on ASNLF:
What is the Free Aceh Movement? (by Gerry van Klinken, from 'Inside Indonesia').
A reply from ASNLF members: 
"What is the Free Aceh Movement?"; Comment
( by Yusuf Daud, General Secretary of ASNLF).

Paper from ASNLF supporter:
Aceh’s Case: Possible Solution to a Festering Conflict 
(by Lukman Thaib in Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs)

Here are several documents/statements that has been issued by Free Aceh Movement or the people who associate with them. (Note: Acehnese people who support for separation or independence are prefer to use ACHEH or ATJEH to refer their homeland rather than ACEH. This is one way to express their difference and opposition to Indonesia central government, Jakarta).

The Price of Freedom: The Unfinished Diary (Hasan di Tiro Autobiography, Abstract, 1984)
From Now On, It Is Not Just Free Acheh but Free Sumatra!
               (Hasan di Tiro interview with NRC Handelsblad, June 1st, 1991)
The New-Colonialism : Denominated "Indonesians!" 
              (speech in front of UNPO General Assembly, The Hague, January 20th, 1995) 
Massacres in Acheh Condoned and Abetted (February 21st, 1999)
The Future Integration of Indonesia: Focus on Acheh
              (Statement by Dr.Husaini Hasan at the International Conference on Acheh, Washington, April 3rd , 1999)
To The People of Australia (statement by Dr.Husaini Hasan, undated, Mid 1999)
Why Acheh Wants Independence  ...? (prepare by MP GAM, August 1999)
Who Says Aceh is Integral to RI? (by M. Yusuf Daud, in Jakarta Post, November 27th, 1999) 
State Terrorism in Acheh is In Progress (January 9th, 2000)
Humanitarian Issues in Acheh (February 4th, 2000)

Free Aceh Movement (or ASNLF) and their supporters also have build homepage to promote their causes. Below is the sites that I consider the best (the language is mostly Indonesian or Acehnese) ;

Negara Atjeh Merdeka (by Mr. Jaja Taha)
MP - GAM Site (by Free Aceh Movement Government Council, or MP - GAM, Malaysia)
ASNLF Online (by Free Aceh Movement, USA)
Suara Rakyat Aceh (from Center for Information and Social Issues of Acehnese in Sweden)
The People Voice of Aceh

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