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This homepage is build to collect information links and resources on Aceh. I hope this simple links collection can be useful for people who want an easy access to Aceh related web-site. Most of the information is about HUMAN RIGHT ABUSE and OPPRESSION on Acehnese people. 

Comprehensive information on Acehnese struggle for their lives, I believe, will induce people to understand what has happened in Aceh. This understanding is important to gain more support to create peace in Aceh. International support is very important to protect Acehnese from massive and systematic human rights abuses conduct by ABRI / TNI (the Indonesian army) - see "International Effort Needed on Aceh" 

Aceh Links is no longer up-to-date, please check out Aceh Kita Aceh Kita

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Other interesting site about Aceh:

Acheh Times

United Nations Recovery Coordinator for Aceh

Acheh Eye


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