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Several people, personally or through organization, has sent letter to voice their concern on current situation in Aceh. I will post few of the letters here.

Open Letter to President Habibie on Aceh (from Human Right Watch, January 11th, 1999)
Urgent Response Needed to Worsening Human Rights Situation and Refugees in Aceh
         (IFA letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, June 12th, 1999)
Aceh (from Dian Islamiati, September 2nd, 1999) 
Request for the United Nations Immediate Action (IFA letter to UN, October 22th, 1999)
Request for UN Intervention to Stop Human Right Abuses and For the Implementation of Referendum
         (SIRA letter to UN, November 8th, 1999)
Don't Cry For Me Aceh (from Ary Syahriar, November 9th, 1999)
Acehnese Boys: A Cry In the Dark (from Ary Syahriar, November 9th, 1999)
Stop the State Violence and Anti-Democracy in Aceh (SIRA letter to Indonesian President, March 6, 2000)

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