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Although Aceh is in chaos cause by separatist conflict, it still a very beautiful place with a lot of tourist destination. Aceh beach have a very amazing view, all the time. And don't forget to see all fantastic architecture from ancient time, such as The Great Baiturrahman Mosque. 

Reuters Photo  

An Acehnese fisherman walks to his boat during sunset at Lampuu beach, about 20 km east of the Aceh provincial capital of Banda Aceh Friday, 12 November 1999. (Beawiharta/Reuters)

  The Great Baiturrahman Mosque, Banda Aceh, Aceh.

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If you have any specific hobby, such as diving, rafting, and trekking, you must check the links belows:
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If you need travelers handbook, why not try this one; "A Handbook To Aceh",  by Mahmud Bangkaru, Published by CV Penerbit Balohan Haloban, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. You can buy the book at in Jakarta at "Toko Buku Nasional", at Plaza Indonesia.

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