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After several counter claims to deny rumors about meeting between Indonesian official and GAM members (Gerakan Aceh or Free Aceh Movement), finally a peace agreement is signed in Switzerland, Friday 12 May 2000. 

Then again, after the agreements is signed both side state a different view on what so call "Memorandum on Humanitarian Understanding". Abdurrahman Wahid, Indonesia President, said : "We signed an agreement of humanitarian value, in order to end armed conflicts, it is not an act of recognition for GAM. That is why it is not called a peace truce, but a truce to end violent acts." On the other hands, GAM official perceive the agreement as acknowledgement of their organization officially by Indonesian government. Furthermore, GAM even assume the agreement as a stepping stone to achieve full independence state for Aceh. 

Without giving any judgment on what is "Memorandum on Humanitarian Understanding", below are several links on the contain of the agreement. Again there are no official statements from GAM.

Aceh MoU: Press Release and Content (from
Outline of Govt- GAM Agreement (from 
Government And GAM Sign Note Of Humanitarian Understanding (from
Aceh: More Challenges from Geneva (from The Jakarta Post) 
Independence For Aceh Still Our Goal (from

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