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This section provide information about Acehnese experience under "Daerah Operasi Militer" (DOM, or Military Operations Area) will be presented. 

Various method has been used by Indonesian army (known as TNI/Polri or ABRI) to terrorize Acehnese. TNI/Polri believe that torturing people is the most effective way to control people so they can oppress them furthermore. The methods including mutilation body parts (such as: ear, fingers, and nipple), electric shock, drowning people in water pool, disappearance, extrajudicial executions, etc.

You can find several articles that describe the method that Indonesian army use to oppress Acehnese. The reports come from various organizations and mass media.

Early report about military brutality in Aceh (unfortunately most of people thought, at that time, its only a systematic effort by foreign NGO to discredit Indonesian government, web-master):
Mass Murder in Aceh; A Call for Action (from TAPOL, Tue Dec 18, 1990)
Human Rights Abuses in Aceh (from Asia Watch, December 27, 1990)
Continuing Human Rights Violations in Aceh (from Asia Watch, June 19, 1991)
Commission of Inquiry Needed for Aceh (from Asia Watch, Feb 19, 1992)

"Shock Therapy" Restoring Order in Aceh, 1989-1993 (from Amnesty International, Mon Aug 02 1993, 20.000 words)  
Notes: this article is the most comprehensive document about human right abuse in Aceh from early 1990's.

More horrible story about Indonesian army method to torture Acehnese.
A Tortured Grandmother
(from The Sydney Morning Herald, August 29, 1998) 
Marwan Yatim's Story of Torture
(from Inside Indonesia, January-March 1999)
Tragic Tale of A Good Soldier Betrayed for Gold
(from South China Morning Post, May 15th, 2000)

The post DOM fact findings uncover Indonesian army barbaric action in Aceh:  
Mass Graves Begin to Reveal Scale of Atrocities in Indonesia (by Mike Head, from, August 28, 1998) 

The post DOM military brutality and massacres:
(sorry......will come soon, meanwhile please check this links)

Mysterious Torture and Killings
NGO Activist (WALHI) Tortured and Killed in Aceh
(from IFA, February 5, 2000)


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