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NGOs implicate Mobil in Aceh
October 10, 1998

Mobil Oil Indonesia is a joint venture between Mobil Oil Incorporation (USA) and Pertamina (Indonesian state oil company). The contract was signed on 6.12.65 and the company's operational area is in Lhokseumawe, North Aceh, in the Province of Aceh (Daerah Istimewa Aceh). 

Mobil Oil carries out exploration and exploitation of gas and oil which is later channeled to PT Arun for production. Mobil Oil also owns shares in PT Arun, though only a small percentage. 

Mobil Oil and PT Arun operations have long been disputed, both by the local people as well as by environmental activists. Mobil Oil has been taken to court by local people, although the local people lost the case. 

Mobil Oil's activities in Lhokseumawe have been disputed by the local people both because of the pollution of the environment and the negligible contribution that the company has made to the local economy. Moreover, the Mobil grounds were once the property of local people, who were forced off their land with only minimal compensation. 

The recent revelation of the numerous human rights abuses in Aceh have encouraged local people to come forwards and given voice to their suffering. The data has now begun to be collated and up until 25.8.98, the Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) had already gathered evidence of the death of 781 people at the hands of the military, 163 disappearances, 368 cases of torture and have come across at least 3,000 cases of women widowed because their husbands have been killed or disappeared. The number of children orphaned as a direct result of military activity has been estimated by them as being between 15,00 to 20,000. 

The data given above continues to increase, as well as the numerous harrowing accounts. 

Of all the victims of human rights violations in Aceh, the largest number have been perpetrated in North Aceh, and very many victims or witnesses have stated that these human rights violations have been perpetrated by Kopassus units (Indonesian special forces) which were based at Camp Rancong which is owned by PT Arun. There are also some who have said that they had been interrogated in Post 13, which is facilitated by Mobil Oil. 

Based on the above, NGOs in Sumatra together with WALHI (Indonesian Friends of the Earth) issue the following press release: 


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