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Press Release, Stockholm, 4 February 2000

Humanitarian Issues in Acheh

Following the escalation of the armed conflict between the army of the Free Acheh Movement and the Indonesian military which has caused tremendous suffering of Achehnese civilians, the Free Acheh Movement in Europe (MB GAM Eropa) is committed itself to engaging in lessening any further suffering of our defenceless people. With regard to this most urgent issue, our organisation has decided to concretely address human rights problems in Acheh and to work closely with all interested parties to make sure that, over the next six months, humanitarian assistance will be made available to those in need.

For that purpose, a joint forum will be established for all interested parties to identify the problems and exchange of information on humanitarian issues and priorities.

To make this effective, MB GAM Eropa firmly rejects the use of violence by all parties which is only causing further suffering and increasing humanitarian need. The organisation is also committed to dialogue as a means to settle differences and to resolve the Aceh conflict democratically.

MB GAM Eropa also hopes that direct parties involved in the conflict situation of Acheh will respond to the organisation's gesture and equally commit themselves towards finding an eternal and peaceful solution as demanded by majority of the people of Acheh.

MB GAM Europe

Dr. Husaini Hasan 

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