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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 2:06 AM
Subject: Indonesia

PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 21/15/00

EXTRA 19/00
Possible "Disappearance" / Possible Health Concern 
6 March 2000

Zulkifli Ahmad, 27, farmer
Jamani A. Gani (could be Jamani Agani), 25, farmer

Amnesty International is very concerned for the safety of Zulkifli Ahmad and Jamani A. Gani who reportedly "disappeared" on 1 March 2000 after being shot and then taken away by security forces in North Aceh District.

Zulkifli Ahmad, from Geulumpang village, had been attending a ceremony at Jamani A. Gani's home in Blang Seupeng village, Matangkuli Sub-district, when security forces carrying out "sweeping operations" (see background) arrived in the area. Fearing for their safety, the men fled the house by the back door. Eye-witnesses claim that they were shot, wrapped in sacks and then taken away. It is not known whether they are dead or alive.

Relatives enquiring after Zulkifli Ahmad and Jamani A. Gani at local security posts have been told that the two men are not in their custody. Volunteers from the Acehnese human rights monitoring organization, People's Crisis Centre (PCC), have reportedly been prevented form going to the area to investigate the "disappearances".


The human rights situation in Aceh continues to deteriorate with unconfirmed reports that 179 people have been killed their this year in the context of military and police counter-insurgency operations against the armed opposition group Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM), Free Aceh Movement. Dozens have also been arrested during "sweeping operations" by the security aimed at capturing members of GAM.

In recent weeks there have been worrying signs of increased harassment, intimidation, arrests and other violations by the security forces against human rights defenders and humanitarian workers (see EXTRA 16/00 and EXTRA 17/00, 3 March 2000).

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express/airmail letters in Indonesian, English or your own language:
- urging the authorities to immediately establish and make public the whereabouts of Zulkifli Ahmad and Jamani A. Gani (or Jamani Agani);
- urging them to ensure that, if Zulkifli Ahmad and Jamani A. Gani are still alive, they be given immediate access to medical treatment, lawyers and their families, and asking the authorities to provide guarantees for their safety;
- urging the authorities to clarify the reasons for their detention, if this is the case, and immediately release them unless they are to be charged with a recognizably criminal offence;
- urging that an immediate, independent investigation into the shooting and "disappearance" of the two be initiated and those responsible brought to justice;
- requesting the authorities to issue immediate instructions to the security forces to halt all arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and ill-treatment, "disappearances" and unlawful killings;
- asking the authorities to ensure that all security operations in Aceh are carried out in line with international human rights standards.
APPEALS TO (please note that fax numbers can be difficult to get through to):

Dr Juwono Sudarsono
Minister of Defence and Security
(Menteri Pertahanan dan Keamanan)
Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.13-14
Jakarta Pusat 10110
Telegrams: Dr Juwono Sudarsonso, Menteri Pertahanan Dan Keamanan,
Jakarta, Indonesia
Faxes: + 62 21 381 4535 / 384 5178
Salutation: Dear Minister

Brig. Gen. Bachrumsyah Kasman
Chief of Police for Aceh (Kapolda Aceh)
Jl Cut Nyak Dien
Banda Aceh
Telegrams: Kapolda Aceh, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Salutation: Dear Brigadier General


Mr Hasballah M. Saad
State Minister for Human Rights Affairs
Jl Kuningan Timur M 2/5
Jakarta 12950
Faxes: + 62 21 525 0075 / 525 0139

and to diplomatic representatives of INDONESIA accredited to your country.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 3 April 2000.

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Last modified: May 18, 2000